Multipayment Ethereum Contract

MILLIONAIRE CLUB is the only website on its' kind in internet working with ethereum contract where members can earn ethereum from multiple downlines transactions according their active levels Lets say a new member joins the system by sending 0.10 ETH to contract via metamask after using the link of his or her sponsor. After transaction is done succesfully 20 of his or her uplines will recieve 0.005 ETH each.

1. Signing up with only 0.10 ETH
2. Log in by using Metamask
3. Attract at least 2 referrals
4. Receive funds to ETH wallet
Install Metamask

Earning Table

Level Members Profit Per Member Total
1 2 0.005 ETH 0.01 ETH
2 4 0.005 ETH 0.02 ETH
3 8 0.005 ETH 0.04 ETH
4 16 0.005 ETH 0.08 ETH
5 32 0.005 ETH 0.16 ETH
6 64 0.005 ETH 0.32 ETH
7 128 0.005 ETH 0.64 ETH
8 256 0.005 ETH 1.28 ETH
9 512 0.005 ETH 2.56 ETH
10 1024 0.005 ETH 5.12 ETH
11 2048 0.005 ETH 10.24 ETH
12 4096 0.005 ETH 20.48 ETH
13 8192 0.005 ETH 40.96 ETH
14 16384 0.005 ETH 81.92 ETH
15 32768 0.005 ETH 163.84 ETH
16 65536 0.005 ETH 327.68 ETH
17 131072 0.005 ETH 655.36 ETH
18 262144 0.005 ETH 1310.72 ETH
19 524288 0.005 ETH 2621.44 ETH
20 1048576 0.005 ETH 5242.88 ETH
Total 2097150 0.005 ETH 10485.75 ETH

How it Works

Ethereum Smart Contract is a peer-to-peer computer process used to secure and verify ethereum transactions—payments from one user to another on a decentralized network.Mining involves adding ethereum transaction data to ethereums's global public ledger of past transactions.

Step 1

To Sign up you need to buy 1st level in the System. It will cost you 0.10 ETH plus 0.005 eth gas Fees. The 0.10 ETH will be devited into 20 equals amount (0.005ETH each) and will be sent to your 20 uplines getting 0.005 Eth each of them. The first person joining below you in the Matrix will bring this funds back to you. In fact the first transaction is the Sign up.

Step 2

SIGN IN TO THE ACCOUNT, using only the Metamask Ethereum wallet address (without password). The password is not needed, since your account is in a smart contract, and not on the website. Therefore, your account cannot be blocked or deleted from the System even by the website administration.

Step 3

You need 2 direct referrals to be eligible to receive commissions.

Step 4

Once you signup in the system, by default level 1 your ethereum address get activated in the hybrid matrix.

Step 5

You gets activated in a particluar level for the span of 3650 days. If you want to extend the period of any level, you need to extend the level.

Step 6

Nobody can close your account, to stop payments or make changes to the system, since the smart contract is loaded into the Ethereum network. It can't be deleted or changed. Referrals can be invited without a website and referral links but directly into a smart contract. Therefore, the MILLIONAIRE - CLUB System will exist as long as the cryptocurrency exist, and the cryptocurrency will exist as long as Ethereum Coin exist.

Smart Contract Address

A contract paper is an authoritative report or guide that informs readers concisely about a complex issue and presents the issuing body's philosophy on the matter. It is meant to help readers understand an issue, solve a problem, or make a decision.

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